For my Construct 2 Project, we were told to make a educational game, so we made a chemistry game. In this game you can basically mix up substances to form new substance. So there will be a goal on what you should make, and for every successful substance you make, you get 100 points, but if you submit the wrong substance your life will be deducted by 1 (you have 3 lifes in total).

My team consist of:

  • Kevin Tarada
  • Longlong Tjandra
  • Arnold Widjaja

Here’s a photo of our game:


So what I contributed in this project is on the game logic, I set the logic for the potion/substance mixtures (it’s basically hardcoded with Construct 2 ‘if’ logic), and i also help set the logic so when you put 1 substance in the mixture machine on the left of the screen, it will first check the number of potions variable, if it’s 0 which means the machine isn’t storing any potion at the time, it will store the current substance’s name and when you put another substance, it will first check the machine’sĀ number of potions variable, if it’s 1, thenĀ using the hardcoded ‘if’ logic, it will give you the result based on what you put in next and store the result directly to the player’s potion variable not in the machine’s potion variable. Which means the machine will always store 1 potion only at max.

Here’s the logic page:


That’s all from my team’s Construct 2 Project. I’ll try to keep update about further project, and thank you for reading this report.